About Us

So who is behind Slotspedia and why are we here? It’s time to formally introduce ourselves and unmask our story!

The Core Mission at Slotspedia

As our name would indicate, at the core we are all about slot machines. Today there are thousands of slots to choose from in our ever-growing gambling world. Each slot with its own characteristics and unique features!

We Guarantee to provide detailed information on the best and most exciting slots available at online casinos.

So Who Are We?

Slotspedia consists of a team of five. The team split in a ratio of 3:2, utilising both professionals and players just like you!

Games are interpreted differently by most. That’s why when you read our reviews, you are reading a shared conclusion between the professionals and regular players on our team.

Our three professionals have a combined experience of over 20 years in the slots machine industry! All three previously worked for some of the largest well-known providers, so they know all the ins and out’s of game developers and all the peculiarities these companies come up with.

On the other hand, we have our two trusted gamblers. They help the team provide a perspective from your point of view. We Strive to provide information based on the experience you are most likely to have when playing slots. Without actual gamblers how else are we to provide you with the realest reviews possible!

Making Sure You Find All The Best Slots

Whether you’re into the classic retro slots, megaways, bonus buy slots or the jackpot machine slots, we thrive to provide the best of the best for you. We are constantly expanding our database to provide the perfect mix of all the slots machines.

That being said we cannot keep up with the constant flow of slot machines constantly being flooded into the market.

That’s why we ask you for your slot recommendations. Have a particular slot you want to learn more about and have us review?

Fear not and make sure to get in contact with us.

Online Casino Reviews

If you are looking to play slots, inevitably you need an Online Casino. That’s exactly why you will find casino reviews for the top of the top current casino providers. We don’t play the numbers game. This ensures we can recommend registering with Online Casinos with a clear conscious and peace of mind that our readers are in safe hands.

How We Afford Providing Honest Reviews

Although we are all about peace and love, we also need to provide food on the table. We strive to provide honesty to our readers. Our website operates through affiliate marketing, this means every time you register with one of our trusted casinos we receive a commission.

Similar to other online businesses such as travel agencies, financial companies and other companies that use referral commissions the gambling industry works on a similar business model.

Our Guarantee

That being said we guarantee that we are not for sale, in other words, we do not spare our honest brutality. Unlike several gambling comparison websites, we make sure you get an actual slot review with all the nitty-gritty details.

We would rather cut ties with providers that simply require positive reviews. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity.

To the Casinos that do not share the same passion, we recommend looking the other way.